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Use the almost unlimited reach of social media to connect with potential customers and build competence and trust through appropriate content. Connect with potential customers and build competence and trust through suitable content. This is how prospects become fans and customers.

Platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn have a large number of users. Through social media marketing, you increase your reach many times over and raise your profile at the same time.
Customer loyalty
When you have a social media presence, you can provide your customers with fast, personalized service that keeps them happy. That means existing customers will want more from you.
Social media offer numerous opportunities to enter into a direct dialog with your community, to interact and to maintain long-term contacts. This in turn strengthens and enhances your reputation.
Social Media Marketing

Like you with Social Media Marketing from MF Rocket your Power increase can

Post, inform, follow and like. Nowadays, all these actions can be done easily through social media. That's exactly why it's time to establish your business as a strong brand. What you need for this is a sophisticated strategy to show your community why your brand is an absolute favorite with unique content.

Plus, you'll generate more awareness and interactions in the future, expanding and strengthening your fan base. Don't have a community yet? No problem, let's start building the right one right away.

Can your target group be reached via social media? Then you should think about an advertising campaign. With social ads, you can increase your brand's popularity, conversion rates, or sales of specific products. Our innovative display advertising solutions will help you target the right users and leave a lasting impression. Use YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or even XING, LinkedIn and Twitter to attract new customers.

Social media agency MF Rocket

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Our Services for your Social Media Success

One in three people in the world (out of 7.7 billion people) and more than two-thirds of all Internet users use social networks. The ease and personal nature of communication on social networks gives you the opportunity to get almost instant feedback from your target audience and adjust your marketing efforts immediately.

People expect customer service and support to be available on social media. You can benefit from these expectations. Good service and support will also increase your new audience's willingness to buy.

Users of social networks are characterized by higher brand loyalty, and the percentage of repeat purchases is much higher among them than among users who come to your site via other channels. We help you benefit from social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter.

When customers complain about your business, you can respond quickly and appropriately via social media. The ability to do this on social media can save the reputation of many businesses.

When it comes to advertising a product or service on the Internet, social media must be taken into account. Social media marketing (SMM) includes various methods of advertising on social networks, which are a very important source of attracting the target audience. Remember that advertising a website on social media is significantly different from other types of digital marketing and therefore requires a professional approach.

We help you build a good reputation for your brand and good relationships with your target audience.

Social media strategy
A well thought-out social media strategy gives you everything you need to achieve your long-term goals. We'll sift through the jungle of social media channels for you and show you which formats and settings you can use to be successful on the right platforms.

Together, we'll develop a social media strategy for your business that fits your target audience, your business and your goals.
Content creation
We create compelling content that leads potential customers directly to you. We handle both text-based post creation and graphics and video creation. Whatever works best for you.

Build competence and trust with appropriate, high-quality content.
Profile optimization
From consistent presentation to professional images, we take care of the stylish look of your account with profile optimization. After all, "clothes" not only make the man, but also successful companies.

In addition, we increase the reach of your products in a targeted way by finding, approaching and working with influencers and turning them into your brand ambassadors.
Editorial planning
So that you don't lose sight of all the good ideas, we take care of the entire organization of your social media marketing. Together with you, we develop a long-term editorial plan that defines exactly when, where and how your content will be published.

We advise and support you in all organic aspects of your social media activities: from design to content creation to community management.
Community Management
Someone commented on one of your articles or a dream customer asked a question? We'll answer it. By supporting and responding to interactions on your social media platform, we make sure none of your potential customers are left behind.

We help you monitor social media channels related to your brand and products and evaluate the information gained for you.
After social media is before social media. In professional coaching sessions, we show you how to manage and develop your channel independently. We give you insider knowledge and reveal the industry's most tried and tested tips, tricks and gimmicks.

To strengthen your company's competence and knowledge in the area of social media, we offer individual training courses.