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With content marketing

to more reach, authority and
more customers

High quality and unique content not only brings a lot of attention and good rankings in search engines like Google and Bing, but also leads to more loyal and satisfied customers.

Increase range
If you get your content right, you don't have to make a huge investment to get found. The magic word is "organic traffic".
Increase awareness
Is your brand recognized by a large proportion of people or rather not? With content marketing you increase your awareness sustainably.
Advertise cost-effectively
Compared with classic advertising measures, content marketing achieves better results in the long term.
Content marketing by MF Rocket

Web design: Because the first Impression counts

Content is King! Google isn't the only one who sees it that way: your visitors also like excellent content that offers them real added value in a world flooded with stimuli. As a content marketing agency, we offer exactly the content you need to stand out from the crowd and attract new customers.

We put together a customized content success package for you: From the creation of a content strategy to the production of attractive and relevant content to distribution, you receive our professional support at eye level. So that your content not only works, but also converts.

We know where you want to go and are at your side from A to Z as a reliable partner. With us, you benefit from excellent customer onboarding: In an in-depth workshop, we take a look behind the scenes to better understand your company and your business model.

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Sustainable Content Marketing

High-quality and unique content not only ensures a lot of attention and a good ranking in search engines like Google and Bing, but also leads to more loyal and satisfied customers.

Content marketing helps you to anchor your brand in the minds of your target group with positive memories at an early stage. To do this, you need informative, advisory or entertaining content that is tailored to your target group. Through strategically planned content marketing measures, you have the opportunity to reach potential customers and interact with them without selling them anything directly.

New branding
Awareness of your brand
Content marketing is the engine that builds your brand and image. By providing exciting and unique information about your product or service, you attract the attention of your potential customers and make an important contribution to increasing brand awareness.
Go viral
When you offer intriguing content, it spreads like wildfire through sharing, liking, commenting, and linking. This virality makes you look authentic and gives you the opportunity to get a lot of attention with a comparatively small budget.
More traffic
Good content marketing improves your ranking on Google & Co. By creating relevant content and using topic-related keywords, you attract the attention of search engines; after all, your content offers exactly what users are looking for.
Sustainable traffic
With content marketing, you create useful and relevant content for your target audience. As a result, you can expect long-term customer loyalty, because unique and meaningful texts captivate readers and leave them with the feeling: "I want more of this!
Content marketing agency MF Rocket

The are our Services for successful Content Marketing

Content marketing is the ideal way to create a loyal customer base. We'll be happy to tell you more in a free consultation.

Content strategy
An effective strategy is the key to success. That's why we develop a solid content marketing strategy for you that is tailored to your goals and, above all, to the needs of your target group. We combine buyer personas, business goals and the results of our audit analysis, and include factors such as marketing automation or the distribution of your content.
Content planning
If you don't have a plan, you'll be unsuccessful. As a content marketing agency, we create a detailed editorial plan for you, tailored to the needs of your target audience. We'll consider the best format (blog, lead magnet, webinar, etc.) to present your content and how to strike a chord with your visitors.
Content production
We produce content with added value. Content that is found by your target group. Whether corporate blogs, infographics, e-books or guides - the content developed by our editorial team will inspire your readers and make their hearts beat for you. If you prefer to have your content written in-house, we'll train your staff and act as your sparring partner.
Content Seeding
The best content will not be successful if it cannot be found. Besides search engine optimized preparation, content distribution is the most important part of content marketing. Depending on the type of content, we use your own reach from emails or social media, distribute the content via paid advertising or place it with our media partners.
Content Lead Management
With an automated sales funnel, we qualify your leads and turn a stranger visitor into a happy customer. We achieve this by placing your content specifically in the customer journey. We create a customized concept with automated workflows and implement it for you with our tools and solutions.
Content usage
You have good content and want to extend its life? Multiple use of content makes this possible. We help you to bring your main content to your target audience in different variations (e.g. as social media quantity, infographic or blog article) and thus create attractive synergy effects.