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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex topic and there are many different measures that mesh like cogs. From a variety of services, we select those that bring your company the greatest possible success.

The right traffic
Large amounts of traffic can actually worsen your website's position if that traffic is irrelevant. What you need is more visitors that turn into customers. Our SEO specialists work closely with marketers to find solutions that attract valuable visitors.
Long-term results
While a quick result is undeniably good for your business, you also need long-term results. Our specialists combine different approaches that work regardless of changes in search algorithms and competitors' actions. For long-term visibility.
Individual attention
Search engine optimization (SEO) often involves many changes to your website.... It is often tempting to use trendy tactics. In our experience, it's better to develop a custom SEO strategy for your business. This is also the more cost-effective approach in the long run.
SEO from MF Rocket

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Search engine optimization has always been one of the most dynamic areas of online marketing. Here it is crucial not to rest on the results already achieved, but to always keep an eye on the latest developments and changes in the search engine algorithm in order to remain competitive.

Do you want to achieve high visibility and a good ranking in the organic search results with your website? Then we are the right SEO agency for you - we promote you to the first league with SEO!

Every campaign and industry has its own peculiarities, so you need more than just standardized SEO concepts. We love individual and sustainable SEO support to increase your visibility and achieve long-term success in search engine optimization for you.

As an SEO agency, we tailor every step to your needs and turn all the screws of your SEO strategy towards success. Your website will not only rank well, but also offer your customers a perfect user experience and a high usability.

SEO Agency MF Rocket

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Our Services for your SEO success

We know where you want to go and are at your side from A to Z as a reliable partner. With us, you benefit from excellent customer onboarding: In a deep-dive workshop, we take a look behind the scenes to better understand your company and your business model.

In-depth SEO audits and SEO analyses provide us with more information about your digital market environment, the current status quo and help us to identify problems and potentials. In this way, we provide you with a precise overview of all the levers to create a stable basis for organic growth.

Based on the collected information, we create a holistic SEO strategy for you, consisting of onpage and offpage SEO measures. We accompany you and your website not only during the implementation and commissioning, but also support you personally with our expertise.

Through continuous monitoring, we keep an eye on the development of your visibility to ensure stable SEO traffic, react to changing conditions and updates, and initiate measures to increase effectiveness.

Onpage SEO
Onpage Audit & Onpage Analysis
From a technical perspective, we examine factors such as pagespeed, URLs, and content accessibility, while analyzing content factors such as title tags, meta descriptions, text content, image optimization, and more. We also offer usability optimization analysis to ensure that your website visitors feel comfortable with you and ultimately generate sales.
SEO Consulting
As an SEO agency, we are available to you as a sparring partner for all your support questions in the field of SEO. Only through a long-term partnership between you as a customer and us as an SEO agency is it possible to be successful in the field of search engine optimization. Within the scope of sparring and SEO consulting, you will be assigned a permanent SEO project manager from our SEO team, who will be personally available to you.
Keyword analysis and strategy
We help you first collect all the keyword data, then evaluate it and develop a keyword strategy tailored to your website. It has been proven that the best is a mixture of work supported by tools, experience and common sense.
Mobile SEO
Mobile SEO
The increasing use of mobile devices has also brought the importance of a mobile-optimized website to the forefront for companies. This is because mobile users also often choose the search engine as their entry point to the Internet. This is exactly where mobile SEO comes into play. The goal of mobile search engine optimization is to make your website stand out and be optimized for smartphones. We pay attention to an optimized display and usability on mobile devices.
Relaunch support
Both a facelift and a technical relaunch with URL changes can be the source of countless errors. That's why we support and accompany you professionally during the planning and implementation of your relaunch. Only through early planning can sources of error such as broken links be identified and avoided, so that there is no loss of positioning of your website.
Content marketing
Content marketing
To be successful in search engine optimization today, you need to establish yourself as a brand through well-coordinated marketing efforts. From an SEO perspective, you need to ensure that your website content is not only promoted, but also linked to and recommended. We support you with content that is not only optimized from various points of view, but also offers your website visitors real added value.
Offpage SEO
Backlink Audit & Backlink Analysis
In a backlink analysis, we examine and evaluate the current link profile of your own website or that of your competitors. On the one hand, a backlink analysis can help you assess the quality of your external links and avoid being penalized in the future (Google penalties) or becoming a victim of algorithm changes such as the Penguin update.
Universal SEO
Universal search
Universal search overlays such as videos on YouTube, images, local SEO entries and news stand out visually from the rest of the search results and are thus logically perceived more strongly and thus clicked on more often. For this reason alone, it makes sense to deal with the topics of YouTube SEO, Local SEO and image SEO. We help you to prepare exactly this content for search engines, in order to direct more visitors to your website.
SEO Agency MF Rocket

Discover all Advantages from SEO

We help excellent businesses increase their organic visibility on Google & Co. - so that the customers you want to attract find you effortlessly!

Market shares
With a holistic SEO strategy, you position yourself in the right place at the right time and trigger interactions with your target group and your potential customers. The result: You increase your rankings, get noticed, establish yourself (even more) on the market and generate sustainable more sales.
You can buy advertising space on Google - but not everyone makes it into the organic search results! With a good position in the organic list, you gain the trust of your potential customers, because they get the confirmation that exactly your content meets their specific needs and search intent. Without having to do any advertising.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a cost-effective way for SMEs to increase their visibility and thus their sales. With top rankings in search results, potential customers click on relevant content and become new customers - without these clicks costing your business anything.
SEO is a long-term investment in the future and does not happen overnight. For excellent and sustainable success, you need organic growth with targeted and pinpoint measures. This way you get more visibility, clicks and relevant visitors in the long run. This leads to a sustainable strengthening of your business success.