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Web applications are one of the most popular solutions for businesses, combining high performance and cross-platform functionality with ease of use and maintenance. MF Rocket team can create the right web application for your business, depending on your requirements.

Your independence
We use only open source technologies for web application development. This approach helps to increase your independence from technologies
Modern technologies
The choice of architecture is based on functionality. We use the most advanced technologies that help us achieve the necessary balance between interactivity and stability.
Everything from one source
We create a web application from planning and design to development and testing. This allows us to significantly reduce the cost of creating custom web applications.
Web Development by MF Rocket

Web applications for every Company type and so individual like you

Web development or web programming is the development of web applications. This primarily includes web portals, e-commerce solutions (online stores), ERP, CRM, PIM, CMS or other individual web systems. Complex websites that, for example, map specific workflows or need to be connected to third-party systems also fall within the scope of web development.

Different programming languages and database systems are used in the realization of web applications. At MF Rocket, we specialize in web development based on PHP and consistently use established enterprise frameworks such as ZEND or Symfony. Since a web application does not only consist of server-side development, we also use established frameworks and technologies for frontend development. These include, for example, Twitter Bootstrap for Responsive Designs, AngularJS, ExtJS or, depending on the requirements, other frameworks.

Our portfolio also includes database development, although we are not dependent on any particular database system. Our solutions are designed so that the underlying database system can be easily replaced. The web applications we create are thus given the appropriate scalability and grow with the requirements.

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Our interdisciplinary team of conceptionists, designers, programmers and project managers will implement your project reliably and successfully.


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Technique, Usability, User Experience and Design holistic thought

Individual web applications are tailor-made and must therefore be well planned, structured and designed. Together with you we develop a coherent, holistic concept and an optimal design (user interface).

We create web-based software for our customers and therefore have extensive experience in implementation. These years of experience enable us to advise our customers in the best possible way. We also take care of the functional and technical specification, create feasibility studies, prototypes, mockups, wireframes or write requirements and / or functional specifications.

professional advice
Technology consulting
We carefully evaluate your business requirements and available technologies to determine the most appropriate web stack.
Web development
Our web development and quality assurance services include design and development, testing and quality assurance. Our experts design intuitive navigation and responsive interfaces for your web application. Our developers have extensive experience with a variety of different web development tools.
System integration
We help you seamlessly integrate your web application with your existing enterprise software infrastructure. Our experts use CI/CD pipelines for smooth deployment of new functional modules without disrupting the work with your web application.
strategic planning
Planning and specification
We help you design a web application that meets your needs and translate your vision into detailed requirements. Our PMs evaluate feasibility and provide rough cost and effort estimates, taking into account architecture, design, and hosting options.
We ensure easy maintainability of the web applications we develop and always provide up-to-date security updates. We protect your cross-enterprise access to services from third-party attacks and make you and your business partners feel secure.
Excellent advice
Support and maintenance
We ensure the optimal functioning of your web application that meets the requirements of your business operations and users. We provide fast troubleshooting and continuously extend the functionality of your web application.
WordPress by MF Rocket

Real Results at a fair Price

If you are looking for a professional WordPress development agency that creates high-quality websites for businesses, then you should contact MF Rocket. Our experienced project managers will manage the entire project to keep the costs low.

MF Rocket web application development

The Most important via WordPress websites

We offer services related to custom web application development, starting from business analysis and UI/UX design to frontend and backend development, QA testing, maintenance and support.

Software prototyping and MVP development
Software prototyping and MVP development allow you to make fact-based, strategic decisions about the feasibility of your idea while minimizing technical effort and maximizing business value.
Cloud-native web applications
Cloud-native web applications take advantage of container-based development to create multiservice web applications that adapt to elastic architectures, are portable, and can be easily deployed.
SaaS application development
Our SaaS application development services help you create secure and robust SaaS solutions that deliver excellent customer value.
Progressive web applications
Progressive web applications integrate the feature set and performance users expect from native applications into any browser and platform, without disruption or loss of speed. PWAs unlock the performance potential of the modern web and deliver a reliable, fast, and engaging user experience.
Backend development services
Our backend development services offer scalability, flexibility and security as a prerequisite for a robust system.
Front-end development
Front-end development services help you build modern single-page web applications with the reusable, dynamic, and component-based architecture of React.js, Angular.js, and Vue.js.