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Do you want to attract new customers in a continuous, predictable and cost-controlled way? Do you want a potential customer to see your ad first when they search for your topics on Google? Then Google Ads are the right solution for you.

More turnover
Contextual ads are all about sales. We use different methods to get the maximum profit for you.
More conversions
It's not enough just to attract visitors to your website. A user-friendly website converts visitors into buyers.
More data
Contextual advertising platforms and analytics tools let you collect data about your website and audience.
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Achieve impressive Performance improvements!

The visible area of search results is strongly dominated by Google Ads, regardless of the industry and business field.
If you want to be successful in online marketing, sooner or later you're going to have to deal with placing an ad in Google Ads. And that's where we come in.

As an established Google Ads agency, we offer you a customized approach to get the most out of your investment. Because Google Ads offers a wide range of options for all budgets, from which we select the best for you. We focus on precisely targeting your audience with well-researched keywords and targeted ads, which we constantly develop to improve your performance in the long term.

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Your Path for effective Search engines Advertising

Your success on the Internet starts with us! We know where you want to go and are at your side from A to Z as a reliable partner. With us, you benefit from excellent customer onboarding: In a deep-dive workshop, we take a look behind the scenes to better understand your company and your business model.

Audits and in-depth analyses provide us with more information about your digital market environment and your current situation. From the information we gather, we develop a solid strategy for you that forms the basis for your online success. From the subsequent launch to the support of your campaigns, you can always count on us, because we want to see you at the top.

From ad scheduling to regional ads to ads targeting users accessing Google from specific devices, Google Ads gives you unmatched flexibility and allows you to customize your campaigns to fit your needs.
Users know what product or service they are looking for, and Google shows them suitable offers as a demand coverage channel. With Google Ads, you always get qualified visitors who are really interested in your offer.
Cost control
Hardly any other advertising format offers you such comprehensive cost control as Google Ads. Whether you have little capital available or want to start with a limited daily budget, with Google Ads you determine the click price yourself and always get the most out of your investment.
A search ad puts you where you want to appear for relevant searches: on page 1 of Google, instantly. Google ads deliver fast results and therefore enable you to achieve your marketing goals immediately.
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The are our Services for really successful Google Ads

If you want to be a successful online marketer, sooner or later you will have to think about running ads on Google Ads. And that's where we come in.

Google Display Ads
We combine performance and branding in (your) display advertising. Based on your personalized concept, we analyze your individual opportunities, control the distribution of your advertising within a predefined budget and always get the best out of your campaign.
Google Shopping
From a small free niche to one of Google's most profitable advertising disciplines: this is the success story of Google Shopping. Unlike ordinary ads, it's not the keywords that decide the performance of your campaign, but a well-structured product feed and granular product work. As an EAE agency, we take care of it!
Google Ads SEA Ads
With a Google search ad, you reach a large number of potential customers who are actively looking for your offer. We convince your potential customers of your services and create search ads for you that convey your advertising message clearly and appropriately to the search query.
Google Ads SEA Strategy
The clearer your ideas are, the more successful your Google Ads campaign will be. That's why we take care from the beginning to define the goals of your campaign exactly and to provide your project with a structure that is tailored to you.
YouTube Ads
On the YouTube video platform, your potential customers will find content on their favorite topics. By creating meaningful ads on YouTube, we reach exactly the audience that is interested in what you have to offer. Unlike traditional TV advertising, YouTube only costs money if your ad is actually viewed or clicked on.
With a Google Remarketing campaign, you address your users again and bring them back to your offer. As a professional Google Ads agency, we design your ad individually and target group-specific. In addition, thanks to dynamic remarketing, we can reflect exactly the product or service you want.